Midsummer Party #1 #2 2002 2004

              Midsummer Party #1
June seventeenth: approaching

Mid-, the height, the longest, light,

A day which, catching hold

Of loss and cold,

Is time that never can recur –

Day never coming back;

A sun that stays up all the night

And on till dawn

With eating, drinking, friends, the pack

Carousing light-night long

To joke and celebrate the wait-for-what:

A curtain that for certain

Falls or opens summer’s tent.

             Midsummer Party #2

June seventeenth:

Approaching mid; the height;

The longest, lightest day.

And I am hit,

Encompassed by a hint

Of loss,

The tint of cold,

Of one more year;

Of age foretold,

And days one never can get back:

Time that cannot return.

June seventeenth: the main concern:

Eating, drinking, friends, the pack

Of relatives; to celebrate

And stay up late.

And here I sit up with the solstice:

Life in death’s becoming.

Flirting and forgetting laws:

High; low; the effects of cause.

Midsummer party:

Curtain waiting for a fall;

We, not thinking that we’re running out of funny hats,

Unending years and festivals.

© Midsummer Party original 02.6.17/ recomposed04.1.21Circling Round Nature; Birth, Death & In Between; Time; Nature In & Of Reality;  Arlene Corwin

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