When Autumn Leaves 2010

             When Autumn Leaves

When autumn leaves – the birch vacated,

Berries enervated,

Needles yellowed, spikey,

Oak leaf flakey, wizened –

The whole unimpassioned,

One’s prepared:

Wood stacked for stoking;

Heat to soak non-stoic feet.

Two-tiered sweaters. Even three.

No stoic me.

A sweater is for sweating. Oui?



Winter takes its place till spring

When everything alluded to


© When Autumn Leaves 9.17.2010  Circling Round Nature;  Arlene Corwin


The Day The Belly Fat Came Out 2010

The Day The Belly Fat Came Out

I was in the bath and watching

As the water drained.



Sitting back and snatching warmth.

Halfway down the tub

I saw the hub:

A roundness

That no diet can remove.

Reproving God and nature,

I sat looking at the fat –

That dominates the muscle,

That has replaced the muscle.

Sit-ups, backbends, cobras, ploughs:

I’ve given in.

No longer thin,

The waist and hip a strain on zipper.

You will have to take me as I am.


will have to do the same.

© The Day The Belly Fat Came Out 9.21.2010  Circling Round Baths;   Arlene Corwin


Somebody’s Second Husband 2010

       Somebody’s Second Husband

Ssh, it’s secret –

Something between you

And who. A second husband’s died.

The obit does not talk about

The man she knew –

The archetypal macho who,

When they were out walked steps ahead

So that she never could catch up with him.

Writing style eloquent, script feminine,

Expressing what he never said:

He’s dead.

He told her once he wanted freedom –

Freedom to live out libido.

Would she leave (he’d kicked her out).

She did.

He’s died. You’d think she’d gloat.

She doesn’t.

When he’d ‘freed…’ enough, he pleaded,

“Marry me! Come back”.

She did.

Except in bed, she never once felt loved:

The tender side of macho-.ness.

She left one morn.

He carried on libidinously filming porn.

It’s forty-eight years later.

What to say? He’s passed away.

Obituary? He, the revolutionary,

Went right wing, supporting

War by Bush.

Pillar of his town, he’s gone –

Out beyond.

God’s waves His magic wand,

And though she doesn’t –

God knows where.

© Somebody’s Second Husband 9/18 2010  Circling Round Eros; Love Relationships; Pure Nakedness;  Arlene Corwin








I Am The Past 2010

I Am The Past

I am the past.

I am no longer what goes on.

I have, I work the present,

But when reading magazines I see,

I am the past.

It isn’t strange.

I change,

The latest scenes

Don’t interest me – repetitions

So familiar;

Shifted, substituted: names.

Everything on offer screams:

I am the past.


© I Am The Past 9.17.2010 Our Times, Our Culture; Circling Round Time;  Arlene Corwin

You Name It 2010

      You Name It

Grist for the mill

Of poetry:



Grist for the mill

Of form:



Grist for the mill

Of art and beauty


Everything. All

A state of mind.

© You Name It 7.17.2010  The Processes:Creative,Thinking,Meditative;   Arlene Corwin

Things Are Happening In Every Family 2010

       Things Are Happening In Every Family

Things are happening in every family.

Death, divorce; diverse

Resources and recourses.

You can’t flee,

There’s no escape;

You’re in the group’s continuum;

And since there’s no life in a vacuum,

Do the loop de loop –

Be happy.

©Things Are Happening In Every Family 7.0.2010  Circling Round Reality; Love Relationships;   Arlene Corwin

The Essence Question 2010

      The Essence Question

If essence (they say),

Am I light?

Am I energy’s

Luminous might?


Am I dot

In the polka- of all mighty

Power? The powdery dust

Of an influence infinitesimal,

Guiding the universe

(Plural or singular)?

Even the seers don’t swear

In their seeing.

There’s faith and there’s hope,

The occasional fervor

To carry us further,

The sometime disclosure:

The quest and the query.

© The Essence Question 8.21.2010  Nature Of &In Reality; To The Child Mystic;   Arlene Corwin



So’s I Remember 2010

          So’s I Remember

So’s I remember

For my own improvement

Thank you Howard Garner

For your concept of a multiple intelligence

Assuaging doubts:

Word, number, picture, body smart;

Music, nature, people smart;

Self smart,

And maybe existential too.

Concepts to review

Each now

And then.

Very Gita and Vedanta.

Thank you Garner.


© So’s I Remember 6.22.2010  The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative;   Arlene Corwin






Nothing But A Monet Waterlily 2010

          Nothing But A Monet Waterlily

I’m nothing but a waterlily,

Maybe I’m Monet, for

I seem to paint or sing or play the same scene



With the flavor

Of the day.

It’s the flavor of the day

That makes the difference.

I’m not bored.

It feels as fresh as

I-don’t-know, a daisy –

To say what I say

As if I’d never even said it once.


© Nothing But A Monet Waterlily 9.1.2010  The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative;   Arlene Corwin 


Nothing Belongs To Me 2010

    Nothing Belongs To Me

Do you recognize yourself –

Tool in the cause

Of cause and effect,

Finding yourself doing your life

At levels unavoidable?

Yoga-izing n the plough.

Huxley’s door! Wow!

Nothing’s mine. Not now,

Not ever. Comings, goings,

Objects, humans, ideas too –

Nothing near or dear is you

Or yours. I’d known that

In my intellect.

I really knew it then.


Big and small

Make five foot one inch

Eight feet tall.

It’s all on loan.

Don’t weep.

To own –

What’s that?

‘s fun – when revelations

© Nothing Belongs To Me 8.27.2010  Circling Round Reality; Revelations Big & Small;   Arlene Corwin






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