Cactus Flower 2010

           Cactus Flower

A cactus in the living room;

Four flowers bloom that stupefy.

Within the week they’ll shrink and die.

When I wake, go down, check

(which I will do) two

May be gone,

Shrunk into crepey crimson.

Since I’m silly and I’m vain,

I see new wrinkles and complain.

Aging’s hour power; stomach churned,

While downstairs beauty

Goes through phases unconcerned;

Impossibly exquisite beauty-to-compost

Indifferent. There, fair, undeterred

While I moan. Such a moron,


© Cactus Flower 7.24.2010  Birth, Death & In Between; Circling Round Vanities; Circling Round Wrinkles;  Arlene Corwin

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