Nothing Belongs To Me 2010

    Nothing Belongs To Me

Do you recognize yourself –

Tool in the cause

Of cause and effect,

Finding yourself doing your life

At levels unavoidable?

Yoga-izing n the plough.

Huxley’s door! Wow!

Nothing’s mine. Not now,

Not ever. Comings, goings,

Objects, humans, ideas too –

Nothing near or dear is you

Or yours. I’d known that

In my intellect.

I really knew it then.


Big and small

Make five foot one inch

Eight feet tall.

It’s all on loan.

Don’t weep.

To own –

What’s that?

‘s fun – when revelations

© Nothing Belongs To Me 8.27.2010  Circling Round Reality; Revelations Big & Small;   Arlene Corwin






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