Somebody’s Second Husband 2010

       Somebody’s Second Husband

Ssh, it’s secret –

Something between you

And who. A second husband’s died.

The obit does not talk about

The man she knew –

The archetypal macho who,

When they were out walked steps ahead

So that she never could catch up with him.

Writing style eloquent, script feminine,

Expressing what he never said:

He’s dead.

He told her once he wanted freedom –

Freedom to live out libido.

Would she leave (he’d kicked her out).

She did.

He’s died. You’d think she’d gloat.

She doesn’t.

When he’d ‘freed…’ enough, he pleaded,

“Marry me! Come back”.

She did.

Except in bed, she never once felt loved:

The tender side of macho-.ness.

She left one morn.

He carried on libidinously filming porn.

It’s forty-eight years later.

What to say? He’s passed away.

Obituary? He, the revolutionary,

Went right wing, supporting

War by Bush.

Pillar of his town, he’s gone –

Out beyond.

God’s waves His magic wand,

And though she doesn’t –

God knows where.

© Somebody’s Second Husband 9/18 2010  Circling Round Eros; Love Relationships; Pure Nakedness;  Arlene Corwin








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