As Of…2010

             As Of…

As of ten one ten (10.1.10)

Gold is up,

Cocoa down.

Flux –

The whole time flux,

The whole a mess; a tinderbox;

Nothing to trust.

Nothing to be afraid of –

It’s so easy to be scared.

Of what?

That needs are jarred?

That goals get blurred?

That makes me nuts!

Get out of it!

Stay in and do your bit –

But out of it!

I don’t see that we’ve got a choice.

If one wants peace

Inside that fuzzy morning mind

(We’ve all got that – some not aware yet)

The still, mute voice,

The clever one we stomp on, well,

It’s being ‘out of it’

To show you

(It’s embarrassing to preach)

It just happens to be true.

©As Of 10.1.2010  Our Times, Our Culture; Definitely Didactic;   Arlene Corwin




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