There Must Be A Law 2010

               There Must Be A Law

There must be a physics:

Some laws that can measure, predict

In some science of matter and motion

Love that’s in all.

Expected, predictable;

Possibly ground within ground –

The safety net – capital T.

Exploring, explaining

The chains within start and end,

Inclusive of start and end,

Well before end and start.

We who see little,

Who know love as sentiment –

Ought to see, feel and recognize opposites

Manifest – peace versus war – is it

Feasible? Can we? Those knacks

To awaken and break into cardiac’s

Innermost knowledge

For dumdums like us

Who never learned science

of feeling and thought:

To feel the feeling, to think through the thought,

No matter what –

There must exist principles.



To master:

Repulsion, attraction;

Exclusion, inclusion;

Contraction, expansion;

Attachment, detachment;

Seeing the general in the particular –

All of the opposites making no difference.

Seeing them all,

Directed by, ending in

Love of them all.

Seeing all incidents

As love’s coincidence,

Circumstance, building ups,

Breaking downs

And building up again



As the law.

© There Must Be A Law 10.14.2010 Definitely Didactic; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Corwin



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