Sad Hours Walking Along Pitkin Avenue 2010

              Sad Hours Walking Along Pitkin Avenue

Who knew that Pitkin was a hawker?

Remembering sad hours walking,

Smelling, looking:

Window-shopping nylon gowns;

Nylon gauzy, vivid;

(World War Two’s post world war news –

(who’d would wear a nylon now?)

Sometimes having money for

Knishes on the corner;

Smell of kasha and potato;

Loew’s Pitkin – movie’s glamour

Brother, three –

His premier movie – Toto, Dorothy;

Hysterics when the witch flew by

He/I evicted, he still crying.

The Hebrew Educational Society, – H.E.S. –

(Was it on Hopkinson?) where Jewish children

Studied music – free. That’s me.

The long walk there and back to 1650

Sterling Place, my telephone number 31313,

Kids envied me.. Who had a number like that?

Pitkin Avenue where I fled

When mom and I had argued;

With emptiness unsatisfied and unidentified,

Yearning for some side

Of life I’d not a clue existed.

Here’s a sad one:

Birthday present for my daddy;

In a shop on Pitkin where I’d laid

A child’s wallet on the counter.

Some nice lady at my side

Disappeared, the wallet gone.

How I cried that whole way home. One

Of life’s wounds not healed. Real grief.

Poem for Pitkin Avenue,

The chums one knew,

And candy stores,

Girls and boys,

Even men, who smoked and joked there,

Some to never move from there.


Year two thousand ten,

Six decades later.

Who knew then?

© Sad Hours Walking along Pitkin Avenue 10.16.2010  Pure Nakedness;   Arlene Corwin

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