Plucking Eyebrows In The Sun 2010

                                         Plucking Eyebrows In The Sun

I’m taking a poll.

It’s whimsical.

I’m plucking eyebrows in the sun,

Well, really, plucking eyebrows on my chin.

How many women

In my boat,

Admit it?

Come on, honestly.

Tell me.

After all,

It’s just a poll,

And I won’t tell

(Not one sole soul)

Female or male.

©Plucking Eyebrows In The Sun 10.16.2010

Circling Round Vanities; Circling Round Woman; A Sense of the Ridiculous;

Arlene Corwin



Windy Morning 2010

            Windy Morning

Dancing leaves;

Trunks slim,

A family

Communing, swaying


In weakness

They don’t break

Or crack.

They yield and give.

They live.

My powers of observation checked,

There is no sound indoors.

© Windy Morning 6.1.2010

Circling Round Nature;

Arlene Corwin


When You Feel 2010

         When You Feel

When you feel

The you that’s coming

To and through,

You know

You’re on your way.

When you feel the you

That is,

You know.

©When You Feel 9.9.2010

To The Child Mystic II

Arlene Corwin



Unity 2010


It’s a matter

Of seeing the parallels;

Measure and meter

Encompassing everything.

Hater to lover,

The crater of differences

Must be filled in.

A state of the mind,

It still is a matter

Of seeing the parallels,

Heavens and hells

Which never condemn

But condone.

© Unity 11.18.2010

Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin

Nothing To Lose By Exposing 2010

             Nothing To Lose By Exposing

I’ve nothing to lose

(I mean we all)

By telling you the whole.

Nothing not clutched at,

Reached out to

Or botched up in life.

Kill? You’ve killed roach,

Wasp and ant.

You can’t

Say you’re harmless.

Both sexes have panted,

Seen, smelled, touched –

Have felt much of much:

If not outright, in fancy,


Nothing is lost

By making all known,

The unshown unshorn,

Exposed in the sharing –

It takes guts and daring, but

Nothing an ego can’t take.

© Nothing To Lose 10.20.2010

Definitely Didactic; Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Corwin


Day After 2010

                 Day After

November nine; first snow.

You gave me yesterday to celebrate:

A birth date worth the wait,

To never underestimate.

Sun shone.

One tasted stardom

Which meets confidence meets courage

Which meet age and faith

In coming days unknown.


© Day After 11.9.2010

Birthday Book;

Arlene Corwin

My Heart Is Growing Tenderer 2010

         My Heart Is Growing Tenderer

I’ve noticed that

My heart is growing tenderer.

I suffer with the sufferer.

I never thought I’d reach it:

Crying with my nice bank manager who’s lost her cat,

A newly widowed someone… fancy that!

Not sentiment,

Not sentimental –

Something new, original,

Its source untraceable.

Shield asonder,

Heart a new surrenderer,

No longer hinderer

Or flounderer,

Waiting for I-don’t-know-what,

But even more expandable.

© My Heart Is Growing Tenderer 10.25.2010

Revelations Big & Small;

Arlene Corwin

Just A Shortie 2010

       Just A Shortie

Help me breathe the day –



Unveiled, laid




Bringing to light and making clear,

Preparing me for inspiration.

I need pushing


I need to keep on track

By holding nothing back

Not rushed but gently pushed.

© Just A Shortie 11.12.2010  God Book;   Arlene Corwin


A Funny Little Calculation 2010

           A Funny Little Calculation

The several clocks

The four wristwatches –

All run down.

The camera and remote control,

The cell phone (which I do not own)

All need re-spurting.

I do have a small step-counter,

(Whose inventor must have earned a fortune)

It too needs a battery.

Then there’s my

Toothbrush, mini-

Vacuum cleaner

Which I never meant to buy –

They just ‘showed up’. I have begun to see

What’s me – a modest junkie

Harnessed to conspiracies;

The willing, non-complaining victim

Whose unneeded extras

Have turned to bulimia.

If I used the things, each moment

Using what each moment’s urged,

And charging what must be recharged,

Each blink

Might need a new installment.


My use times yours times yours…

Phone, clock, watch, TV, vacuum cleaners…

Multitudinous inventions

That I don’t take part in,

Either running down or just too smart

For me.

Conclusion lacking

I can only see

This as a funny little


© A Funny little Calculation 10.24.2010  Our Times, Our Culture;   Arlene Corwin

Frozen In Time 2010

         Frozen In Time

 The tendency,

The wish to be

The shiny sun of twenty-one

That looked out from

A malleable place

Inside that face

Of innocence and gullibility;

Mute kingdom

Of the ignorant.

One sees the now-jowls,


And asks oneself

Would I prefer to be

Time frozen, young forever?


I know all about it.

I’m re-routed;

More alive than Arlene

Twenty smooth-faced Nover ever


Circling Round Wrinkles; Circling Round Nature; Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Corwin

© Frozen In Time; 5.1.2010 

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