A Funny Little Calculation 2010

           A Funny Little Calculation

The several clocks

The four wristwatches –

All run down.

The camera and remote control,

The cell phone (which I do not own)

All need re-spurting.

I do have a small step-counter,

(Whose inventor must have earned a fortune)

It too needs a battery.

Then there’s my

Toothbrush, mini-

Vacuum cleaner

Which I never meant to buy –

They just ‘showed up’. I have begun to see

What’s me – a modest junkie

Harnessed to conspiracies;

The willing, non-complaining victim

Whose unneeded extras

Have turned to bulimia.

If I used the things, each moment

Using what each moment’s urged,

And charging what must be recharged,

Each blink

Might need a new installment.


My use times yours times yours…

Phone, clock, watch, TV, vacuum cleaners…

Multitudinous inventions

That I don’t take part in,

Either running down or just too smart

For me.

Conclusion lacking

I can only see

This as a funny little


© A Funny little Calculation 10.24.2010  Our Times, Our Culture;   Arlene Corwin

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