In A Caffeinated Mania 2010

          In A Caffeinated Mania

In a caffeinated mania

I know what it is to be bipolar.

Words, ideas, take hold

And one is stuck at the computer

Or the nearest piece of paper.

It’s quite fun

And pity those on lithium

Who have this feeling all the time:

Rhythm, idea, words and rhyme.

Sounds like a witch’s chant.

I’m Shakespeare, Dostoevsky and

I’m grand,

A giant,


(to rhyme with Dos…)

I had a friend

Who had this syndrome.

Now he’s dead.

He’s home,

I hope.

Thank goodness this condition




As coffee

Leaves and one is sane


And dull.

I believe

It’s leaving.


ow –ly.

© In A Caffeinated Mania 12.7.2010

A Sense of the Ridiculous; Coffee Book;

Arlene Corwin



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