Calendar 2010

     The night before last, as I lay in bed writing small notes in my almanac/diary/daybook  and noting that the little book was coming to an end, I was moved to write something/anything to commemorate the fact.  You see, I’m always interested in the passing of time, the repetition of patterns  – the in between of birth and death.

Coming to an end
Between two covers;
Buy again/begin again.
Small, leather registers;
Diaries, memoir’s squeezer-in;
The daily note, the planned appointment,
Observation. Holidays in tiny print.
Lives arranged in line and font –
And empty!
Possibility’s potential.
Optimism’s hope between two covers.
This year
Will be better.
© Calender 12.19.2010
Circling Round Time II; Birth,Death&InBetween;
Arlene Corwin

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