Year Of The Moustache: 2011

Year Of The Moustache: 2010

I’d hinted at it,


Seen it in and on the best,

The rest of womankind.

Turkish maidens, Indians from India,

Beautiful, desirable,

And then,

Two thousand ten

The whole kaboodle spouted,


Blonde, but definitely there!

Hair overlip!

The chin demanding its first nip,

The cheek!

And I, each, every other week

Am there with mirror large in place;

Eyeglasses I must bear, two pair

Of tweezers, just in case…

Now I’m addicted –

Let us say dependent.


Relax into it?

Plan pre-termined,

I’ve turned into woman-man.

I’ve even cut my hair– and love it!

Maybe loving is the answer.


©Year of the Moustache 1.30.2011

Circling Round Vanity; Circling Round Woman;

Arlene Corwin




Two Husbands & A Manager 12.11.2010

Two Husbands & A Manager

Three deaths this year:

The probability when getting old.

I thought that eighty was statistically

The modern seventy.

Karmic preparation detaching me

From those held dear;

Does Time do me a favor,

Taking savories away

To dull the taste buds of existence?

Preparation? Possibly.

Different roads that lead to Rome.

Correction: I meant Home.


© Two Husbands & A Manager 12.11.2010

Birth, Death & In Between; Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Corwin





Decollecting 1.29.2011


I’ve begun to start to decollect.

You reach a stage, an age perhaps

With pow’r to see two genes distinctly.


You’re a squirrel with awareness.

And the ego, naturally.

I’ve begun to reconsider:

I’m a slow developer & follow-up-er.

In the process of this self-awareness,

Maybe I’ll throw out,

Maybe I’ll give away.

What’s easiest is braking:

Getting more; leaving the store

Before the purchase.

Easy.  On  scale from one to six,

It’s relatively easy to resist.

Back to this de-collecting:

Let us take away the hyphen

And make decollect one word.

A start.  And I’ve begun.

©Decollecting 1.29.2011

Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin

Gloom & Doom & Hope

Like Monet, Turner, Hokkusai,

Again, again,

The same theme exercised:

What else?

Thematic circles:

Vanity and endings;

New beginnings,

The peripheries:

Nature, culture, sufferings

Of different shades;

Suffering as suffering,

Love as love,

And change.

What else is there

To paper?

© Gloom & Doom & Hope 1.17.2011

Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin

Thinking During A Shoulderstand 2011

Thinking During A Shoulderstand


If I were a piece of energy,

(Which I may well be)

I’d be silent, have no needs:

I’d be.

What would it mean to be a me –

Sentient, silent, needless?

Capable of happiness?


This, the bliss of mystics?

This is what I aim at knowing

Without guess or speculation;

Pragmatic- or empirically.

©Thinking During A Shoulderstand 1.16.2011

Circling Round Yoga;

Arlene Corwin

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