Decollecting 1.29.2011


I’ve begun to start to decollect.

You reach a stage, an age perhaps

With pow’r to see two genes distinctly.


You’re a squirrel with awareness.

And the ego, naturally.

I’ve begun to reconsider:

I’m a slow developer & follow-up-er.

In the process of this self-awareness,

Maybe I’ll throw out,

Maybe I’ll give away.

What’s easiest is braking:

Getting more; leaving the store

Before the purchase.

Easy.  On  scale from one to six,

It’s relatively easy to resist.

Back to this de-collecting:

Let us take away the hyphen

And make decollect one word.

A start.  And I’ve begun.

©Decollecting 1.29.2011

Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin

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