Year Of The Moustache: 2011

Year Of The Moustache: 2010

I’d hinted at it,


Seen it in and on the best,

The rest of womankind.

Turkish maidens, Indians from India,

Beautiful, desirable,

And then,

Two thousand ten

The whole kaboodle spouted,


Blonde, but definitely there!

Hair overlip!

The chin demanding its first nip,

The cheek!

And I, each, every other week

Am there with mirror large in place;

Eyeglasses I must bear, two pair

Of tweezers, just in case…

Now I’m addicted –

Let us say dependent.


Relax into it?

Plan pre-termined,

I’ve turned into woman-man.

I’ve even cut my hair– and love it!

Maybe loving is the answer.


©Year of the Moustache 1.30.2011

Circling Round Vanity; Circling Round Woman;

Arlene Corwin




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