Rolled Into One 2011

Rolled Into One


I’m in the bath.

I need the soap.

You are – become the soap.

I need a thought;

You are the thought –

Become the thought, and probably

The need.  Not only

Thought but scope, rope, hope and bebop:

Fringe ideas: companionship.

You’re Albert Cat on bathtub rim.

You’re him.  You’re he who watches water

Dripping from my finger tips

While sun through

Bathroom window shifts

Position. Kitchen: soup;

The pen in hand,

The grand, sand-grain Illusion

Of it all; the whole:

That’s You rolled into one.  And when

I can convince myself for more than minutes,

I’m in heaven.


© Rolled Into One 2.26.2011

God book; Circling Round Baths;

Arlene Corwin

Min Hemska Svenska (My Awful Swedish) 2011

Min Hemska Svenska

(My Awful Swedish)


When I think there’s nothing left to say,

I play.

A word, a phrase:

Days, daze, phase, lazy…

You know.

Did an interview on radio

(a week ago).

My awful Swedish.

Did it and enjoyed it –

Each un-syntax/

Grammaticalized minute.

Brooklyn dame!  Where was her shame?

How dare she mutter one small utterance!

Kids from China here three years – accent-free.

I’ve twenty-six behind me

Still not sure of grammatiken.

You whose mother tongue

Is comfy in your language zone

May never understand the  situation.

May my tongue-in-cheek

(It rhymes with grammatik)

Hit funny bone,

And find the fun I had

In spite of bad

And awful Swedish:

Not the language – mine!


©Min Hemska Svenska 2.16.2011

A Sense of The Ridiculous;

Arlene Corwin








Plusses Outweigh Minuses 2011

Plusses Outweigh Minuses


To save: the birthday poems.

Each year the birthday poem;

Each year the birthday.


Just happy that a year is here

And so are you.

It doesn’t matter

That a new

ache and/or

Stiffness steals an hour

Of sleep.

The year means you can creep

Back into bed

Whenever you feel tired.

Each year; different freedom.

That, in opposition to the aches

That come.


Outweighing, no, outwitting



Happy Birthday, dear.


© Plusses Outweigh MInuses 2.6.2011

Birthday Book;

Listen Carefully 2011

Listen Carefully

Listen carefully:

It’s the mind instructing.

It’s projection

Life’s transliteration:

So seductively subjective.

The best reason to clean up

For purer, surer powers;

Thus a clear interpretation;

More trustworthy as instruction.

Listen carefully.

We usually


© Listen Carefully 2.4.2011

Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin

Repeat 2011



It’s like a mantra –

All this repetition.

Working out and on…

It could be madness in another.

Not in me:

I’m too concrete.

That I repeat

Has meaning even I

Don’t penetrate.

I do not hate it –

I accept and carry on,

Presuming its importance.

Perhaps each has its nuance

Never there before.

Not going round in circles –

More.  But I,

Who make no effort to deny it,

Let it come


Where, it doesn’t matter.

Cells that chatter also have importance

To the peace and power and bliss –

And the knowledge giving this.


© Repeat 1.31.2011

Circling Round Yoga; God Book; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative;

Arlene Corwin


Repeating, Repeating 2011

Repeating, Repeating


Are we all like that?

Repeating till we think

We’ve got it right?

Varying the details –

Sometimes not?

Confirmation?  Working out?


Lazy habit?

Oh, this brain!

©Repeating, Repeating 1.31.2011

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Medtitative;

Arlene Corwin




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