Rolled Into One 2011

Rolled Into One


I’m in the bath.

I need the soap.

You are – become the soap.

I need a thought;

You are the thought –

Become the thought, and probably

The need.  Not only

Thought but scope, rope, hope and bebop:

Fringe ideas: companionship.

You’re Albert Cat on bathtub rim.

You’re him.  You’re he who watches water

Dripping from my finger tips

While sun through

Bathroom window shifts

Position. Kitchen: soup;

The pen in hand,

The grand, sand-grain Illusion

Of it all; the whole:

That’s You rolled into one.  And when

I can convince myself for more than minutes,

I’m in heaven.


© Rolled Into One 2.26.2011

God book; Circling Round Baths;

Arlene Corwin

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