Tsunami Expected 2011

Tsumani Expected

Expected, waited for, prepared for:

Tidal power, speed and height

In waves one two, yes, three:

Engulfing pushing, swamping, drowning.


The facts & figures do not care,

Aren’t there.  (Of course they are).

Watching as the boats and cars

Smash into boats and cars:

An ocean on and in.

In nature’s unconcern

A railroad train is missing,

In a wink, a vanishing;

Dismissing in a sink.

Treasures, bodies – it’s not over.

Farm, land; home, loan,

Air/sea; earth’s chain;

Tide; its glide across.

Fini? Non! Not fini!

Quake, tectonics, tsunami;

The pickings up, -out, buryings;

Two legg-ed, four-, creep-, flying things;

The mournings and the buildings up:




Heat, leak, explosions:

It, the whole beyond my words

In a last days’ ratio predicted,

Not expected.

© Tsunami Expected 3.11.2011

Our Times, Our Culture; Nature In & Of Reality;

Arlene Corwin

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