Esoteric or Exoteric? 2011

I wrote this today, March 15, 2011.   A little confused as to what to call it, I called it Secret or Obvious or Esoteric Or Exoteric.  It seems to me that when the worst happens then the only thing you can do is turn to God.  You are, you realize, alone; alone with your maker.  There has always been you, your mind and how you perceive…  The unsolved problem is to make this understanding real.

Perhaps I’ll send this into the magazine as well as making it a blog. It certainly is, as the Swedes say, ‘actuellt'(which, roughly translated means ‘in the news or the news – I don’t know how to translate it properly and there is no word I can think of in English that does it justice – been here too long, I guess.)

Esoteric Or Exoteric?

Imagine that your relatives,

Have vanished in a tidal wave,

An earthquake.  You’re alive.

You’re left to shake.

What can you say to save your sanity?

This mantra:

“Well, it’s You and me kid – You and me.”

There is no other choice.

It should be

What you’re saying anyway

Throughout out the day.

There’s only your small voice

Until you also go away.

An esoteric truth – or is it obvious?

©Esoteric Truth, or What?

Our Times, Our Culture; God Book; To The Child Mystic II

Arlene Corwin

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