Test of Faith 2011

  • I was sitting in the bath – a frequent spot for reflection – and thought suddenly, “this terrible, terrible thing that has happened in Japan, it must be (and I thought the word ‘final‘ but quickly eliminated it from my thoughts) a test of faith beyond our comprehension and felt I have to get this down somehow.  So late this afternoon I started on a poem: Test of Faith.  Here is the result.  A work-in-progress, but who cares.  Here it is:

Test of Faith

It’s happening –

Our times, our culture:

Earthquake. Tidal wave.

Failed plants of the atomic ilk.

In all preparedness

And vigilance and watchfulness

No soul prepared for this – for these.

The Japanese,

Smart, calm, aware,

And there:

In this the year

Twenty eleven,

Killed, entombed, washed to the sea,

Irradiated sneak-invisibly,

The  tragedy

Beyond capacity’s dimensions.

My husband had a dream last night.

An oval shape in pleasing pink

Came over the horizon,

Rising like a morning sun.

And opening,

A man shone forth.

Berobed, he looked like you-know-who.

Scene two.

The masses eating vegetables

Which wither

While they follow suit;

Changing color, nauseating greens and blues.

They’re on their way to die.

And I,

With inner pictures of Japan and dream

Think prophecy.



© Test Of Faith 4.3.2011

Our Times, Our Culture;

Arlene Corwin

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