Test of Faith #2

A better, more succinct version.  But one never can tell.

Test of Faith

Tidal wave.  Earthquake.

Failed plants of the atomic ilk.

In all preparedness

And vigilance and watchfulness

No soul’s prepared for this, for these.


Smart, calm, aware, the Japanese

Eleven March, Twenty eleven,

Drowned by this leviathan,

Entombed or washed to sea,

Irradiated sneak-invisibly:


Beyond capacity’s dimensions.

My husband had a dream last night:

“An oval shape in pleasing pink

Comes over the horizon,

Like a morning sun, and opening

Like scallop shell or half-moon petal

Stands a man who looks like you-


Scene two (as dreams do)

People eating vegetables, which wither

While the masses, changing color

Follow suit;

Stomach-turning greens and blues,

They’re on their way to die.’

And I,

With inner pictures of Japan plus dream

Think prophecy.



© Test Of Faith 4.3.2011

Our Times, Our Culture;

Arlene Corwin



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