Writing A Poem About Sex 2011

Writing A Poem About Sex

No paper around,

But round and empty spool at hand

(a cardboard spool for paper towels)

A ballpoint pen to fool around with – and with sudden

Thought, I reach the ballpoint at my right

And write a poem called Sunday Sex

With words like tantra, screw, and Kama sutra;

Supple, glad:  A poem is made!

But where to place it in my files:

Eros?  Nature? The Creative?

Love? Perhaps.

Computers, baths or vanities,

Absolutely not!

This Sunday sex, exquisite sex,

Pre-requisite to breakfast

Has to have the perfect placements;

One or many, it will stick out

In more books than you

Can shake a stick at.

Tantric dancing slow and quick,

Mixing techniques, loving tricks.

Brighter wick cannot be found

To pick one up a-Sunday.

Writing A Poem About Sex 5.8.2011

Circling Round Eros; A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Love Relationships;

Arlene Corwin

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