Catnap Time 2011

Catnap Time

Cup of coffee. Mind alert.

Have turt-

                                    le doved

My way through lunch

With Kent. And now,

An hour later

In a chair, I bow

To catnap time.

(In fact, the cat is napping

Atop Birdie’s cage*;

Incomprehensible, this marriage).

Outside, there is a bit of thunder,

Bit of rain,

A bit of covering up of sun.

Inside again,

Kent snoring on the sofa

(a bit –  just like the distant thunder).

Windless, soundless

In and out the house,

Except for gentle scratchings

From this penciled place

On piece of paper,

Plus a tone inside my ear.

Post pause:

Sun’s shed its dark disguise,

Cat, bird and flies


To life outside and in.

*Birdie is our Australian parakeet elegans .

Cat Nap Time 5.11.2011

Coffee Book; Cat Book;

Arlene Corwin

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