The Many Levels (Of Happiness) 2011

The Many Levels (of Happiness)


So tempting for a star

To keep on

Hanging on

This century – this twenty-first –

With silicone and stuff that hurts,

And money ‘nough

To cap each tooth,

She fixes this and that for youth,

So that they’ll say “She looks so fresh!”

Each lash mascaraed,

Fetching bust and shadowed eyes

Until the day she dies,

She puts off thoughts of death;

Dental wealth, splurging on health

And other tricks

One day she kicks

that bucket.

Still, it kept her cheerful,

Happy in the needs it met.

There are so many levels (of happiness).


The Many Levels (Of Happiness) 6.4.2011

Birth, Death & In Between II; Circling Round Vanities;

Arlene Corwin

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