Dear Brain 2011

Dear Brain


Remembering, collecting,

Organizing, synthesizing;

Coming out with your ideas:

You are so dear.

Taking part in all this wholeness,

Changing form and growing cells;

Adapting, you’re a well of wisdom,

Lovable and sweet.

As I stand and make the fishcakes,

That you’ve put together

Out of ‘nothing’ in the fridge;

As I stand, the weather June/spoon/honeymoon –

In short, just right

(A mix of warmth and breeze,

Of cumulus and cirrus)

I am filled, in what must qualify

As gratitude:

A kind of ‘high’.

You are my dear, dear brain.


Dear Brain 6.6.2011

Circling Round Nature; Circling Round Energy;

Arlene Corwin




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