Not Made To Multi-Task 2011

Not Made To Multi-Task


To work against the weak sides

Of one’s character,

Yet keep intact the instinct for

One’s intuition.


Made to focus,

(Though the best

of yogis,

I have heard,

Can solve a hundred things at once;

See to, make, do –

While you and I –


Never knowing why.


The failings of the century;


So wrapped up in progress and ambition,

Technique’s -ology,

And money.

[We’re in] such a hurry,


Not contrived to multi-task.

Encumbered in our depths,

Stretched over desk and steering wheel

We feel success that isn’t real.


Meant to do one thing.


Not Made To Multi-Task 6.7.2011

Our Times, Our Culture;

Arlene Corwin






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