Moth In The Dishwater 2011

Moth In The Dishwater


It lay in the dishpan,

There only minutes before it was found.

Bag for the garbage, the only thing handy,

I lifted it onto the only thing present.

Predictably stuck, I continued to try.

Paper towel – single ply –

Gently absorbing the water I could,

Watching the dampness be transferred and spread,

Lo! Here was movement: antennae and head.

A moth full of fortitude, patient and quiet;

Waiting, accepting whatever fate brought it.


It’s June and it’s summer. I opened the door,

Moth and yours truly keen for existence.

Stooping outside, nudging to grass straw;

First, to a spider web. That was an error.

Cheeky and rude to the spider in question

I transferred de-powered, de-powdered white wings

To a flower, now fond of the little white thing.


Checking its whereabouts each half an hour.

By some downright miracle, it’s shifted place.

How it survives is a matter of grace,

But it lives.

At the moment it lives.


Moth In The Dishwater 6.11.2011

Circling Round Nature; Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin




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