Pointless 2011


We know, we know.

Yet we are hurt, astonished

When the anger opens

Weaponed, bomb- and bullet-filled;

Detached, well fed, strangely inhuman

Mis-fostered passion,

Technologically obtained.

We know that there is no safe place,

That life is fragile,


Know that books and folk are saying,

Calling days the ‘last’.

Oslo. No

Peace prize today:

Price of peace the pointless piece

Of tragedy.

Delayed, an inner movement

That says “Moan and cry!”

One can but mark a moment

In eternity.

Pointless 7.24.2011

Our Times, Our Culture;

Arlene Corwin

Thought You Get But Once 2011

Thoughts You Get But Once

There are thoughts you only get but once:

The back side of the front side of creativeness.

Oh yes, the theme comes back –

Perhaps a thousand times-

But never as it was that moment.

Moment of panache,

Moment of genius;

Inspired, unique,

That special muse

Twin Siamese.

So get it down.

Drop what you’re doing:

Yoga pose, the floured board.

Just wash your hands

And do it.

Thoughts You Get But Once 7.17.2011

Definitely Didactic; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin

When I Say Soul 2011

When I Say Soul

What do I mean when I say soul?

I’ve used the S word countless times.

It’s time that I defined it further.

Self refined a self-concerto.

What is meant when I say soul?

I mean the Self, the real self.

Superior to intellect and mind,

Designed for oneness.

Goodness knows the reason why.

A little or a lot to do

With It-in-sky.

Possible a breakaway that still

Belongs, was once a part of, same as,

Destined to get back one day.

In any case, when I say soul,

I mean the self behind the senses –

Senses senseless unless activated

By, you guessed it, Self –

The daily and the real.

When I Say Soul 7.16.2011

To The Child Mystic II; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin

Fun Exercise In F For Freckles 2011

Fun Exercise In F For Freckles

The freckling fugued

In June of this year.

Funny old freckles, fueled

By some fund of fugitive energy,

Frustrating mystery.

Calf and thigh,

Chest and breast;

Frankly the most

Fantastically fecund

Of foreign tattooing –

(in at the moment, tattooing, that is)

But puzzling.

Not ugly, just foreign

And vaguely in fashion.

I can’t say I’m friends with them;

Nature the Changer, its signs untranslatable,

Signs of finality filtering through.

Flecks on the flesh

That show more past than future.

Freckle so new,

What are you?

Fun Exercise In F For Freckles 7.18.2011

A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Circling Round Nature;

Arlene Corwin

Let’s Face It 2011

Let’s Face It


Let’s face it:

Not out there

With arms and legs,

Penis, kidneys –

Body parts.


Collected in,

Connected to

The brain,

My brain.

And here I am

Trying to,

I don’t know the word.


Let’s Face it 7.11.2011

God Book;

Arlene Corwin

In The Nowness of Seconds 2011

Within The Nowness Of Seconds

Within the nowness of seconds

– If you live within them –

There is wisdom,

And in wisdom safety,

 Sanctuary, guarantee:


In the newness of the nowness

Is the yes-ness of the nano-

In the smallest unit

No-ness which,

Does not exist.


In entirety.

Ooh, it’s lovely to exist!

Within The Nowness of Seconds 7.8.2011

Definitely Didactic: Nature In & Of Reality;

Arlene Corwin


I Got It 2011

I Got It (Almost)

I got it!

I figured it out!

God has to be minuter than minute!

If bigger, He’d consist of parts,

And parts crave causes.

Cause and inbuilt prototype,

It can’t have parts: He can’t have parts.

It can’t have gender – pronoun starts.

He must be One,

For One consists of nothing with,

Is nothing but

 A center.


An axle, pin.



Does that split One?

It is our hope, our postulation:


Must have

All, yet have none.

It must be still,

(For if it moved, it would have needs.

It cannot need; by definition.)

Must be pure; it has no bits.

It is unmixed.

Its total – in its bag of tricks –

Must hold what comes, will come:

Then, now and future ever present.

(readers few,

does this make sense to you?)

Hence, all that can be known.

Consciousness, love, happiness?

I cannot figure out this koan.

But, keen observer, (not Candide)

I see life happening for best;

Every change the best containing

Every change bound, preordained.

Extrapolation, yes it is;

That these (the qualities) should probably

Be primes

And still bliss is

 A Mystery

To me –

At least

So far.

I Got It! 7.4.2011

A Sense Of The Ridiculous; God Book;

Arlene Corwin

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