I Got It 2011

I Got It (Almost)

I got it!

I figured it out!

God has to be minuter than minute!

If bigger, He’d consist of parts,

And parts crave causes.

Cause and inbuilt prototype,

It can’t have parts: He can’t have parts.

It can’t have gender – pronoun starts.

He must be One,

For One consists of nothing with,

Is nothing but

 A center.


An axle, pin.



Does that split One?

It is our hope, our postulation:


Must have

All, yet have none.

It must be still,

(For if it moved, it would have needs.

It cannot need; by definition.)

Must be pure; it has no bits.

It is unmixed.

Its total – in its bag of tricks –

Must hold what comes, will come:

Then, now and future ever present.

(readers few,

does this make sense to you?)

Hence, all that can be known.

Consciousness, love, happiness?

I cannot figure out this koan.

But, keen observer, (not Candide)

I see life happening for best;

Every change the best containing

Every change bound, preordained.

Extrapolation, yes it is;

That these (the qualities) should probably

Be primes

And still bliss is

 A Mystery

To me –

At least

So far.

I Got It! 7.4.2011

A Sense Of The Ridiculous; God Book;

Arlene Corwin

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