When I Say Soul 2011

When I Say Soul

What do I mean when I say soul?

I’ve used the S word countless times.

It’s time that I defined it further.

Self refined a self-concerto.

What is meant when I say soul?

I mean the Self, the real self.

Superior to intellect and mind,

Designed for oneness.

Goodness knows the reason why.

A little or a lot to do

With It-in-sky.

Possible a breakaway that still

Belongs, was once a part of, same as,

Destined to get back one day.

In any case, when I say soul,

I mean the self behind the senses –

Senses senseless unless activated

By, you guessed it, Self –

The daily and the real.

When I Say Soul 7.16.2011

To The Child Mystic II; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin

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