One More Villain Gone 2011

One More Villain Gone


For the record, just a word:

A word just for the record.

Minutes ago;

The radio.

I’m always split.

A kind of anti-climax to a villain –

Killed a million

(I don’t really know the number – but

Who murdered, slaughtered, tortured;

Disappearances. You know the story:

Indifference; cruelty.

Certainly a madness.

Now what?  Quick democracy?

More conflict

Before conflict

Settles down?

Moammar Khaddafi

Dead ignobly.

I’ve a secret theory

He died

From pride

(one of the deadly

sins  –

not deadly

for no reason).

Trial-less, judge, jury-less;

Voiced defense now chanceless.

It might have been

Perverted fun

To witness,


Folk have risen.

Someone’s won.

I cannot claim to ever un-


These things  – and their



One More Villain Gone 10.20.2011

Our Times, Our Culture; Birth, Death & In Between II

Arlene Corwin

Härryda, Sweden 4:00pm



My Killing Machine 2011

My Killing Machine


He talks to them before he pounces.

If they fly away before his chance

Is realized, he sits,

It seems to me,

Reflectively conjecturing

Why all around him leave him,

Why he loses friends

Who will not passively obey his ends.

Is he autistic?

Not have feelings other than

A fascination

With all moving things

With flying wings, and tails and fur

And slitherings.


I’ve given up my horror, tears and anger.

It’s the way of things (a poor cliché)

But there it is!

The house has not one mouse.

What’s justice?


My Killing Machine 10.16.2011

Cat Book;

Arlene Corwin



To A 16 Year Old Grandchild

To A 16 Year Old Grandchild


Darling girl,

Don’t show your boobies

To the Facebook world.

They’re only boobies –

Everybody has them.

Like the peacock, wooing

Tail up and spread, ablaze

With color, you are doing

That.  I understand.

You’re at the edge

Of hormones’ rage.

Beauty’s blossomed, you refuse

To lie down playing possum.

You would rather, as youth says “look awesome”.


Maybe I should sit back and relax,

Not shove priorities, imposing values.

You will probably get bedded, wed,

Your neckline lifted to propriety’s

Convention.  Clad properly.

But try, try not

To show your boobies to the world.

Admiration only lasts a day.

Your inner needs stay unfulfilled


you cut it.


To A 16 Year Old Grandchild 10.15.2011

Circling Round Vanities;

Arlene Corwin

Tranström Has Won

Tranström Has Won


I’m giving up the;

Giving up and.

Tranström has won.

His short phrase is in;

Phrase capturing essence;

His  metaphors king.


I’m keeping the I.

It’s mine.  It is me.

We meet in the I

Of our poetry. *


*Just celebrating Nobel Week 2011 where Thomnas Tranström  has won the Nobel Prize for Literature.


Tranström Has Won 10.8.2011

Special People, Special Occasions; The Processes: Creative, Thinking Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin

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