One More Villain Gone 2011

One More Villain Gone


For the record, just a word:

A word just for the record.

Minutes ago;

The radio.

I’m always split.

A kind of anti-climax to a villain –

Killed a million

(I don’t really know the number – but

Who murdered, slaughtered, tortured;

Disappearances. You know the story:

Indifference; cruelty.

Certainly a madness.

Now what?  Quick democracy?

More conflict

Before conflict

Settles down?

Moammar Khaddafi

Dead ignobly.

I’ve a secret theory

He died

From pride

(one of the deadly

sins  –

not deadly

for no reason).

Trial-less, judge, jury-less;

Voiced defense now chanceless.

It might have been

Perverted fun

To witness,


Folk have risen.

Someone’s won.

I cannot claim to ever un-


These things  – and their



One More Villain Gone 10.20.2011

Our Times, Our Culture; Birth, Death & In Between II

Arlene Corwin

Härryda, Sweden 4:00pm



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