Hitler 2011



I’ve decided

Hitler died

Of pride,

Pride being a perverted


That is to say,

He died in vain.

Think if he took back,

‘Fessed up – in a word,


Went back to the church,

Became a priest,

At least a monk

(He was already celibate:

Couldn’t screw, or wouldn’t screw,

Whatever motivations, lewd

Or not)

To make amends.

In any case, this man

Died of perverted pride

Or vanity:

Twin sins.

Quirky moustache, he missed the mark:

Love of life, life of love the Quality.




Hitler 11.6.2011

Our Times, Our Culture; Circling Round Vanities;

Arlene Corwin


I was listening to the radio where there seemed to be a number of programs relating to Hitler.

This particular program dealt with his last meal in the bunker, which was, spaghetti and tomato sauce.








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