Old Girl 2011

                Old Girl


Love being seventy-seven.

Not a threat to anyone,

You hug, you flirt.

You’re not a threat! It’s great!

The essence is your circumstance,

Your circumstances essence.


Of course the vanities

Are there to work through.

(It’s still you,

And you’re not perfect.)

On the list of pros and cons

The pros win out.


One reads the obits.


A game:

Which year, which name,

How old this name became.


You try to find the oldest,

And you notice

Young ones.

It’s the mixture

That you learn from:

Paradigms.  You persevere.

The world is also older,

Answering to laws

Which parallel the laws

In your existence


There is nothing close

As hand to lose.

The olds, the news: old hat,

The words old girl

Take on new meaning.


Old Girl 8.22.2011

Nature of & In Reality; Birth, Death & In Between II;

Circling Round Vanities; Birthday Book;

Arlene Corwin


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