Bubbles & Futility 2011

Bubbles & Futility


The vanities; the list:

Ambition, status;

Looking good and thinking that

The looking good will last:

Boobies and big lips brigade,

A tattooed blip on sex’s radar;

Pretty houses much too big,

Only to be sold (when old),

The shindig over.

Pretty clothes – lots of them;

Fashions passing – left: the thread.

Day away trips. Tempered tedium,

Exchanging happiness you miss

For bliss that stays in photos, memories

That shred.

Varieties that render meaning to the days

Where strivings, yearnings,

Earnings, disappointments

All sit on a nothingness,

A vacuous futility that ends in coffins

Or empiric or pragmatic laugh-ins.

After all, how much of muchness

can you chase

Before the soap-bubbly balloon

Blows up your metaphoric face?


Vanity that underlies undermines,

Encouraging the crooked

Road years of our lies, er, lives.

Whereof, wherein, herein this book.


Bubbles & Futility 11.17.2011

Circling Round Vanities;

Arlene Corwin

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