God’s Location 2011

God’s Location


Their there is here to Him.

Always a here

Having a where,

Its being in a whole.


Anything One

Must have a place,

Anything zero have none.


Absolute something

With properties reaching…

Neutrino or robot

(symbols both) have a spot.



To a location

With qualities,


Think  sun’s dominion:

Think light, heat, D vitamin

(One more analogy)

Think opposites,

Yin, yang and posit

The gunas,*

Their actions in Time.

Think string leading back

To a source that is always a pro and a con

A yin and a yang, never divorced

Or divorceable.


Each bit

Never split from the other:

Ineffable. – yes, beyond words.


In the bones of my logic, location.


Q. Why do I interest myself in these matters?


A.it makes me feel closer, the word being feel.


* According to Hindu philosophy all things existent have three qualities: sattwa (all that is light, wise, balanced, harmonic) rajas (all that is active) tamas (all that leans towards stagnation, the dark).  These qualities have their applications in nature, human actions, everything that is.  See the *Bhagavad Gita for a more detailed description.


God’s Location 10.12.2011

God Book; To The Child Mystic II;

Arlene Corwin









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