I’ve Studied You 2011

I’ve Studied You


I’ve studied you,

Continue to…


Self-insistent, hyperbolic,

Never just, “I laughed”,

But …”laughed until I peed myself”.

(There really is just laughter,

all the rest hysteria):


Your conversation, what they said

And what they did,

With ‘I’ the center.

Knowing answers, you correct


You are moody, melancholy,

Lachrymose, you cry a lot.

Lively conversation – no.

If interrupted, you blow up.

It’s a lively monologue,

Voluble and volatile.


The way to be around you

Is to smile,


Give sympathy,

Make coffee, tea

And learn how much of that

Is me.


I’ve Studied You 11.21.2011

Special People, Special Occasions; I Is Always You Is We;

Arlene Corwin



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