Nothing Doesn’t Exist 2011

Nothing Doesn’t Exist


Nothing doesn’t exist.

Everywhere there is a where

In vacuum, ether, air;

Everywhere a there

And something in it.


It was in fashion way back then

To talk about an ether medium;

A theory

“Assumed to permeate space,

Transmitting  electromagnetic radiation”.

(Pocket Oxford Dictionary).

Then it went away,

The theory

Outmoded -dated and passé.


Today, as of the twentieth,

A team of Chalmers men

Has manufactured light


A vacuum.


I’ll have to check,

But what the heck,

I like it,

I believe it.

In fact, I more than like it.

It’s a solace.


Nothing Doesn’t Exist 11.20.2011

Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin





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