The Witnesses 1995

The Witnesses


There are two ladies coming to the house.

They walk through rain and wood to get here.

They’re most kind

And if I mind, they’ll stop –

I haven’t tested them.  It’s possible I will.

They do not t tramp on toes;

They’re most instructive and compelling.

That I’m Jewish and Vedantic makes me one of those

On whom they just adore whetting their drill, er, skill.

It’s early days.

They’ve got their ways of pushing, I suppose.

Still, I enjoy their efforts and their readings.

Who is fortunate enough to have two teachers filled

With reverence and references,

Deference and temperance,

Preferences and non-offensive

Girlish blind exuberance –

And full and total certainty

They’ve got the key

To me and my deliverance,

Deliverance and me.


The Witnesses 12.12.1995

Our Times, Our Culture;

Arlene Corwin



Record Keeper 2008

Record Keeper


Within five days

Two cyclones, earthquake:

America, Burma, China:


Dark mysteries

In alphabetic sequence.

In nineteen seventy or so,

A groups of Yogic nuns I know,

Said “Many will go back to Father”.

Precognition or prediction?

Someone’s crazy predilection?

I would rather

That it hadn’t made much sense,

Such sense, the theory grounded in the curves

That manifested even then:


We never dreamed we’d see;

A blending of Pandora’s box

And Horsemen Four’s Apocalypse:

Viruses, conflicts, reversals.

One more tidbit I’d forgotten:

Earth’s reaction: Chile:

Mass evacuation,

Lavic rumblings – all within

The same five days.

“Many will go back to Father” –

Where and who he is.”

Deep, deep, deep we know somehow,

Those sandwich guys who vocalize,

Who roam the streets, despised and victimized

(Demosthenes and Socrates) know something true.

Ionized or carbonized,

Pulverized and terrorized

We sit surprised – and yet expecting.

They are right.  It’s happening,

With many going back.


Record Keeper 5.13.2008

Our Times, Our Culture; Circling Round Nature; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin





Poet’s Protest 2011

Poet’s Protest


Are we fools?

How dare they advertise

An anti-wrinkle cream

Using a dream girl

Not a day past thirty!

‘Dirty tricks’ were not confined

To Richard Nixon.

We, the sharper generation,

Gorgeous as we are as is,

Advised by punks of twenty-six

(the guys who run the agencies)

To do away with times of life

They’ve never had, know nothing of,

With promises they can’t fulfill,

For goals illusionary and degrading,


Rejecting disappointment I,

The blunt and pungent,

Jaunty regent,

Ancient in those agent’s eyes

Confront those dolts,

Affronted by their insults.


Poet’s Protest 9.27.2011

Our Times, Our Culture; Circling Round Wrinkles;

Arlene Corwin





Planet Crisis 2008

          Planet Crisis


What would happen

If a manu-


Designed and advertised

“A Car to Last A Lifetime. Never Buy Another One.

Simply Change the Parts!”

Would the other manufacture magnates

a)      Blow up his factory?

b)     Assassinate his family?

c)      Employ the Mafia to do it?

Or could social conscience, love

Of grandgrandchildren, knowledge reign,

Plain common sense take over,

Stopping pandering

To love of change, variety,

The godless aim at profits that have no reward for me

Or anybody like me. (That’s the planet.)

I would buy one.


Planet In Crisis 1.6.2008

Our Times, Our Culture;

Arlene Corwin



One Password Is Enough 2011

One Password Is Enough   As paranoiac as the next one – Secrets  gone – Well, none; Society: They’re watching (not exactly, but We’re traceable – each bit you print. You get my point) There’s nothing on my laptop You can’t see: I have no see-crets. With veracity, simplicity. I haven’t got a hundred passwords. More than one would make me crazy. What have I worth curd or turd? Nonetheless, I think,  ‘what if…’ What if I wrote this phrase, That?  Words sensitive To do With points of view: Sex, crucifix, Eugenics, ethics, Civics, politics; That state of states, The ticking bombs , Both metaphoric and for real? Thoughts reveal, so would one be in trouble? That is why I am intent On never having secrets I can’t print Or you would steal.   One Password Is Enough 12.19.2011 Our Times Our Culture; Circling Round Computers; Arlene Corwin

Bold On The Internet 2011

         Bold On the Internet


”Insecure”, which Webster Pocket 

Says,is  ”shaky; loose; beset

By fear, anxiety;

Uncertain, unprotected.”


Invidious; insidious.


Pressing Start

You click around

(If you’ve a Mac, you finger dance

Until you’ve found

A site you like.  You land

With head, heart, hand, and

Click away with risk and daring.



What’s in head or heart or hand

Is liberation, quasi-grace.,

De-un- beset.  A rescue.

Internet where you,

New bold one, find release.

You’re pleased,

You betcha.


Bold On The Internet 1.30.2011

Circling Round Computers;

Arlene Corwin

Nobody Should Die 2011

Nobody Should Die

Nobody ought to die

Before he celebrates

A century.

One knows the laws:

The cause/effect ones;

Temperament/environment ones;

Gene, thought, will ones –


One ought to live

Nine hundred years.

Ought not to be subservient

To time;



An awful


Nobody Should Die 6.5.2011

Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin

Critical Thinker 2011

Critical Thinker

I am the critical thinker,

Taking in then analyzing,


Between advantage,


And sharing;

Even to the point of

Owning up to struggles

In themselves.

Not vanity

But offering.

Still embarrassed to read I

As I re-read

I am”,

But cannot change a word.


Critical Thinker 4.1.2011

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Circling Round Vanity;

Arlene Corwin

One Second Paradise 2011

One Second Paradise

It’s all you need:

If you’re the type

To notice that:

Events are synchronicitous,

Signs are serendipity,

Grace seems present all the time,

Then seconds

Transform everlastingly.

One Second Paradise 4.21.2011

Revelations Big and Small;

Arlene Corwin

The Universe Is Falling Apart 2011

The Universe Is Falling Apart.


The universe is falling apart.

Why not?

Faster, faster, further, further.

Disbanding, scattering, dispersing;



Then, but then

Might it not start again?



Into It so tiny,

One cannot imagine.


Everything in cycles.

Why not?



This moment,

As for now,

This very second – nano-second

Everything we calculate

Berates and shouts:

The universe is, well, not falling

I don’t know the verb – but spreading out somewhere




There’s nothing we can do.


The Universe Is Falling Apart 12.12.2011

Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin



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