Eva Sixty-Five 2011

Eva Sixty-Five


This is a poem to flatter,

But to flatter with sincerity:

An oxymoron maybe;

For flattery is insincere

And this is praise to celebrate,

Perhaps exaggerate a tiny bit,

Because it’s fun and hard to find

The words that suit.


When your great grandmother was alive,

A woman who reached sixty-five

Was old, no longer in the game.

The frame that forms attractive you,

Seductive you,

Is strong and pretty,

Smart and witty,

Friendly, generous and kind.

Those around you find

They want things for you.


Younger looking, energetic,

Strong and pretty, sympathetic,

Friendly, generous and loyal

Eva un-renewable.

Everybody loves her.


She should know this

Cause she’s worth it!


Eva Sixty-Five 12.3.2011

Birthday Book; Special People, Special Occasions;

Arlene Corwin;





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