Attainable & Feasible 2011

Attainable & Feasible (To Reach Forever)



There lies a soul inside, a precious jewel.

It’s reached by quiet sitting beside a pool.

It’s quite attainable, this diamond fair;

I’m asking you to reach the diamond there.


A soul can be more human everyday.

You’ve got got to get more human to reach forever.

I’m asking you to reach it – not for name;

To reach forever is the mantra game.


We write of love, we write of happiness.

If truth be known, the thing we want is – guess?

Peace, power, purity, then love and bliss.

The thing we want is, knowing all is This.


To yearn for riches and to yearn for gold;

To look around while everything gets old;

It tells you therein lies a fallacy.

The gold you look for lies in you and me.


This,  a never-ending melody.

A man can be more human easily.

Attainable and feasible – this diamond fair –

The man who finds it finds a diamond there.


Attainable & Feasible  (formerly To Reach Forever) 1993 revised 8.4.2011

Lyrics; (rejected – turned to poem) To The Child Mystic II;

Arlene Corwin




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