My Drug Of Choice 2011

My Drug of Choice


My whimsy,

No one paying me – I guarantee –

My drug of choice is coffee.

A little bit embarrassed, still

I must admit

That getting up and out of bed,

Productive, calm, ideas in head,

With energy the captivating motivation,

It’s magician caffeine,

Slick with tricks

Transfixing and converting dullness

In the intellect

To masterpiece,

Accomplishment, t

The scent of genius

In the air

– all there –

Charmed caffeine powers

Potential for some hours,

Then like all things that exist,

Transient, evanescent, transitory,

Drawn to Time by time

Evaporates leaving just – me.


Drug Of Choice 10.23.2011

Coffee Book; Circling Round Baths;

Arlene Corwin



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