One Password Is Enough 2011

One Password Is Enough   As paranoiac as the next one – Secrets  gone – Well, none; Society: They’re watching (not exactly, but We’re traceable – each bit you print. You get my point) There’s nothing on my laptop You can’t see: I have no see-crets. With veracity, simplicity. I haven’t got a hundred passwords. More than one would make me crazy. What have I worth curd or turd? Nonetheless, I think,  ‘what if…’ What if I wrote this phrase, That?  Words sensitive To do With points of view: Sex, crucifix, Eugenics, ethics, Civics, politics; That state of states, The ticking bombs , Both metaphoric and for real? Thoughts reveal, so would one be in trouble? That is why I am intent On never having secrets I can’t print Or you would steal.   One Password Is Enough 12.19.2011 Our Times Our Culture; Circling Round Computers; Arlene Corwin

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