Record Keeper 2008

Record Keeper


Within five days

Two cyclones, earthquake:

America, Burma, China:


Dark mysteries

In alphabetic sequence.

In nineteen seventy or so,

A groups of Yogic nuns I know,

Said “Many will go back to Father”.

Precognition or prediction?

Someone’s crazy predilection?

I would rather

That it hadn’t made much sense,

Such sense, the theory grounded in the curves

That manifested even then:


We never dreamed we’d see;

A blending of Pandora’s box

And Horsemen Four’s Apocalypse:

Viruses, conflicts, reversals.

One more tidbit I’d forgotten:

Earth’s reaction: Chile:

Mass evacuation,

Lavic rumblings – all within

The same five days.

“Many will go back to Father” –

Where and who he is.”

Deep, deep, deep we know somehow,

Those sandwich guys who vocalize,

Who roam the streets, despised and victimized

(Demosthenes and Socrates) know something true.

Ionized or carbonized,

Pulverized and terrorized

We sit surprised – and yet expecting.

They are right.  It’s happening,

With many going back.


Record Keeper 5.13.2008

Our Times, Our Culture; Circling Round Nature; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin





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