The Witnesses 1995

The Witnesses


There are two ladies coming to the house.

They walk through rain and wood to get here.

They’re most kind

And if I mind, they’ll stop –

I haven’t tested them.  It’s possible I will.

They do not t tramp on toes;

They’re most instructive and compelling.

That I’m Jewish and Vedantic makes me one of those

On whom they just adore whetting their drill, er, skill.

It’s early days.

They’ve got their ways of pushing, I suppose.

Still, I enjoy their efforts and their readings.

Who is fortunate enough to have two teachers filled

With reverence and references,

Deference and temperance,

Preferences and non-offensive

Girlish blind exuberance –

And full and total certainty

They’ve got the key

To me and my deliverance,

Deliverance and me.


The Witnesses 12.12.1995

Our Times, Our Culture;

Arlene Corwin



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