A Small Irony 2011

            A Small Irony


Not an –ist: social-, capital-, activist.

I watch:

The chains,

The links,

 The arrows.


A friend now in his thirties,

Diagnosed with ADD

Before there was an ADD

And other things misunderstood,

With pension since he came of age,

Has never labored mind or body.

He does not like to work.


They never diagnosed his character:

(they do not think in terms like this)

He gets his check, which pays for goods,

The necessary and the non-,

An apartment and his food,

A fifty-two inch television,

Cell phones by the dozen.

Housed, amused,

All first run movies at cut-rate…


And he buys and longs for…

Longs for, buys…


Here’s the thing:

Every penny in goes out.

Way in debt,

(Yes, he can borrow)

He’s a channel, tube and conduit.

If he doesn’t pay his taxes,

Still he’s paying taxes.

Coinage going round in circles.


He complains he hasn’t got enough.

It’s rough!


A Small Irony 11.2.2011

Small Stories Book; Our Times, Our Culture;

Arlene Corwin

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