And It Really Doesn’t Matter 2011

And It Really Doesn’t Matter


Reaching a new year

With no defining line


The numbers and events.


Events which reel,

As numbers roll;

And nature rallies,

Changing shape.


Shifts and flux,

Transitions, links;

Only names and forms

On one long graph

To measure ups and downs

Statistics’ lows and highs,

Deaths and lives.


This, no new year,

Just symbol in a number

Where we’ll make our new year’s promises

And give our new year’s greetings.

Where we’ll throw or go to parties

With our aging parts

And play our parts;

Where line is fuzzy, fizzling out

And really doesn’t matter.


It Doesn’t Seem To Matter Anymore 12.30.2011

Circling Round Time II;

Arlene Corwin




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