Dedication Circling Round Our Times, Our Culture published 2012

Dedicated to Kent and Otto.

        Getting Better

I’ve now got friends –                                                                                                    

Well, two,


Tell me when

My sentence

Is too long, too heavy,

Forced or wrong.


Who work at ego-losing,

Go along with what they say.

They’re usually                                                                                                



In the one,

In the other study

And exposure to the best.

In their literary arms I rest.

And so,

I’ve noticed

An improvement: slight, tangible

An upgrading on this very day.

But taste

And judgment have a rate

Of growth

Their own.

I’ve got two friends.

Two friends must do.*

*Writing by myself is one thing. Publishing by same self more complex, burdensome, responsible.  The final product has so many extras – prefaces notwithstanding.  One needs friends.


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