Getting It Out Of My System 2011

Getting it Out Of My System


How can she hope to get a man,

Keep a man? She talks too much.

Opinions, views, pretended or


About all – and more…

She will attract the mild, unsure

Or boorish, dumb,

With whom she’ll have no words in common.

Which [relationship] can last awhile,

But she,

Who has to have control,

Step in, decide

Know what is right

in every situation –

She, who needs to dominate

Without the insight that she needs

All in the name of,

“All I want to do is help”

Will always lose her man

And never un-


The reasons why.

‘I was speaking’…

‘Listen here’…

Confrontational each visit –

Makes me nuts: distressed and down

Long hours after:

But that’s my freely chosen option.


Getting It Out Of My System 12.26.2011

Love Relationships;

Arlene Corwin








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