Preface Notes 1981-5

Preface Notes


March 20, 1981


Among the masses it is always a few who are saved in any generation, but among

the wise there is no monopoly o the language of truth, and every culture will produce enlightened men and so will every path.


March 8, 1985


There is no such thing as an objectively enlightening object.  It is the man hat makes the object his subject.  It is the state of readiness that brings enlightenment out of the object.  Of course one can say it is the object that brings out the enlightenment which is already in the state of readiness.

At the time of an enlightenment, and there are many, whatever one may be reading, doing or thinking will seem to act as the trigger.  Not so.  The enlightenment is already taking place independently.  Like the flow of lava from a volcano, an enlightenment shapes itself around anything, everything; whatever is in its path at the time.


April 15, 1985


Keep shifting from God to Self.  You’ll see that at any given moment there is only the two of you.

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